Dale's Envoy to Gondor

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Starter for Dale (Single Core + Wilds of Rhovanion) 96 74 12 1.0
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Melkata 3

An envoy from dale travels down the Anduin to Pelagrir in Gondor. They meet with boromir and beregond, only to be pulled into a desperate quest to find boromir's brother...

This deck is built to tackle the heir's quests, requiring heavy battle questing and enemy control. Its based on Mr. Underhill's terrific Starter for Dale deck, tweaked to take on battle questing and high enemy pressure right from the start. The basic idea is to use the instant combo of beregond to block enemies, and boromir to quest and attack. Meanwhile Brand revs up the economic engine, turning out Dale allies. The Dale crew are quite powerful once equipped, and Boromir and Beregond give them enough time to get going. Initially I played around with the tactics version of Beregond for his lower attachment costs, but the spirit version opens up the sphere, and his ability helps keep the threat from Boromir's ability under control.

Obviously this deck will not do well against traditional quests, as it has very little willpower initially. Brand son of Bain balanced stats make him pretty versatile in a pinch and later in the quest. His ability provides some card draw, though the deck still suffers some in this regard. Bard son of Brand provides faster attachment rate, but the card draw led to opting for keeping Brand in the end. There are probably better cards for draw, but my collection is a bit eclectic. For my first (modified) deck I'm pretty pleased how it turned out. It went 1/1 Peril in Pelargrir, and 2/2 Into Ithilien, though threat was quite high at the end. Still to be tested against the siege of cair andros. Pretty fun to play, as you can slice through enemies while rounding up a number of strong allies.


Jul 19, 2018 Melkata 3

Tweaked the deck a bit, removing horn of gondor and one copy of king of dale in favor of a full 3x of gandalf and ancient mathom to maximize card draw. This deck went 1/2 against Siege of Cair Andros, and another 1/1 into ithilien. It still lacks enough card draw, as I always end up with a pile of resources. Any suggestions are welcome!

Aug 11, 2018 Iliamel 1

Same comment as on original deck, you need a tactic’s hero to play tactic cards except attachments with son of Brand)

Aug 12, 2018 Melkata 3

@Iliamel with the king of dale attachment you can play allies of any sphere. Plus, here Boromir can of course buy tactics directly. The