Flamin' Hot Funyuns

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IstariKnight 28

IstariKnight has a newer deck inspired by this one: G6 Gandalf

Version 1.0 retired


Jul 27, 2018 pirinisz 29

I think Merry in its version is more useful here because with Gandalf and Frodo Baggins your threat will rise with "the speed of the light"! Also how about using an Unexpected Courage or two? Ather than that, this deck really gave me Food for Thought and I plan to test it ASAP. Good work!

Jul 27, 2018 IstariKnight 28

@pirinisz - Thanks for the kind words.

I agree that Spirit Merry would probably help make the deck more focused. The reason I went with Tactics is because I needed a reliable attacker available from the get-go. It also opened Derdingle Warrior whom I think is one of the strongest defenders in the game.

Unexpected Courage would be great, but I think Rohan Warhorse does a decent enough imitation for Merry and Light of Valinor does exactly what I want UC to do for Cirdan.

I'm going to keep toying with numbers. The omission that feels the worst right now is the deck's lack of Test of Will.