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This deck was initially inspired by the idea of creating an aggro mono Spirit deck that could take on Race Across Harad, one of the most difficult scenarios around and one that forces you to get going quickly. So while mono Spirit decks can be very powerful, a lot of those that I build are designed to turtle a bit at least at first in order to get set up. Race Across Harad does not give you that option.

Enter Beregond and Bard son of Brand. Bard brings the ability to include off-sphere item attachments in a mono Spirit deck. This is absolutely perfect for Spirit Beregond. Now I can include Gondorian Shield and Hauberk of Mail, allowing Beregond to become a true tank. I've included Lembas as a supplement to Unexpected Courage and it allows for some healing within the deck as well. Finally, Elf-stone helps with the aggro element, enabling the deck to bring out the heavy-hitters (Gandalf, Glorfindel, Jubayr) more quickly.

Speaking of which, Gandalf (OHaUH) is a key component of this deck. Beregond offsets the additional threat a bit, but really you are aiming to get through a quest quickly anyway (again, this is part of the aggro strategy). Normally, I would only include maybe 2 copies of a unique ally like Glorfindel, but his attack is central to this deck so I have 3 copies here. Duplicates aren't a huge deal here as they can be used for cash (Arwen) or used to ready Glorfindel himself. With tons of willpower available and a huge tank in the form of Beregond, really what this deck needs is attack and that's where Gandalf and Glorfindel come in. Jubayr is third in priority as a secondary defense option (as well as additional attack).

So what should the deck's opening look like?

  • The ideal setup for a fast quest like Race Across Harad is one of the 2-cost, 2-will allies and a Shield/Hauberk for Beregond, but there are other options available. Any positive attachment for Beregond plus some early questing power should be feasible (for example, using Arwen's resource generation, you could drop a quester and an Unexpected Courage on Beregond).
  • Card draw primarily comes through Elven-light or Ancient Mathom. If either of those don't show up early, then your pace might slow a bit.
  • Use Elf-stone early to drop in one of the key allies, while using Arwen's resource generation to quickly put out the other.
  • First turn is usually questing with Arwen, Bard, and whatever ally you've gotten out, with Beregond as defender. If you have to deal with an early enemy, Beregond might have to tank for a couple of turns while you get your attack options on the board.

Finally, Thror's Map is placed in the sideboard because it's not crucial for every scenario (essentially useless in Race Across Harad, for example), but it could be very helpful against quests with a lot of tough travel costs. Enjoy!


Sep 12, 2018 Raiderjakk 14

Bard and Beregond are a great pairing! I will have to try this out. I love playing Spirit anyway.

Sep 14, 2018 wlk 1

Great deck ! I managed to reach 4B, before being overrunned anyway :)