Sneaking through the Dwarrowdelf

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Wandalf the Gizzard 963

Secrecy is an interesting archetype. Many users have come up with inspiring secrecy decks that warp the way the game is played. I, on the other hand, have created my own boring version of the tried-and-true, overused secrecy line-up.

The deck may seem large, but with WanI and Daeron's Runes, you can consistently see the cards you want in your opening hand. That is generally threat reduction (to stay in secrecy longer), card draw, or a bunch of secrecy cards. A hand with many allies should be mulliganed.

The early game will be rough with this deck, since it can't take many enemies right off the bat. But once you get a couple Timely Aids, the deck really starts rolling. Eventually, you'll pull into Light of Valinor and Asfaloth and nothing will stand in the way of your hodgepodge army.



Sep 16, 2018 Corbs 2

Hi Wandalf! Can you explain how a sideboard works? Do you just add these in for quests that you think you need them for, or do you swap them with other cards in the deck to keep the number of cards consistent?

Sep 17, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 963

Sometimes a sideboard is cards that you absolutely need in some quests, but don't want clogging up your deck in most. If you play one of those quests, in they go! Elfhelm is there for quests that raise threat aggressively, and the Miners slot in for every quest with condition attachments.

Other times, the sideboard is a failsafe for multiplayer games; when another player may be using a particular unique card or deck strategy.

It usually doesn't matter if you just add the cards in or take other cards out, just do whichever you think would be better.