Gandalf and Treebeard Saga


A pair of decks that I eventually hope to play through the saga with. I have so far played them against a few scenarios from the first 3 cycles and they have performed quite well.

I do feel that maybe the Treebeard deck might be better with Pippin instead of Denethor but I do like being able to use Treebeard for questing or attacking rather than defending.

I will change some cards around before beginning the saga, I will probably replace Taste it Again! with Frodo's Intuition, and also might remove Foe-hammer and add Friend of Friends. I think I might use Frodo Baggins to begin with although the Black Riders and Mountain of Fire versions could also be good choices.

These decks were built with cards from the first 3 cycles, OHaUH and the full saga.