Gríma’s Crüe of Doom

Thies 31


These are progression style decks with cards through the end of the Ringmaker cycle and The Road Darkens saga. Before moving on I wanted to give the doomed mechanic a try, despite the multiplayer challenges of it. Gríma is the basis of the decks. Although he looks a bit worn down and old, he’s really a young man who has just lived the hard heavy metal lifestyle. His crew (which he likes to think of as his Crüe) includes Aragorn for the obvious benefits of his ability. The third hero is Erkenbrand because 1) he’s new in this cycle, 2) he gives the deck a Rohan flavor (which I imagine has a bit of an unpleasant horse dung aftertaste), 3) I love shadow cancellation and 4) he looks very metal in his card art. The second deck was designed to be well rounded and able to cope with the doomed effects by having low starting threat and good threat reduction. I was surprised how effective this combo was against a variety of quests from this and prior cycles after only minor tinkering.


Feb 02, 2021 Truck 406

This is the first use of Gríma that I like.

Feb 02, 2021 Thies 31

Thanks! I had avoided him, but really do try to give each hero at least one try before moving on to the next cycle. I was pleasantly surprised not only that these decks worked quite well but also that I actually enjoyed playing them. I'm glad I didn't just end up confirming my first impression, which has certainly happened with other heroes.