Lords of Gondor - YouTube Series

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Join us, Eric & Jeff, for our YouTube Series, Lords of Gondor, as we tackle every quest in the game using these same two decks throughout the entire run (Nightmare Mode where possible). At time of posting this, the Nightmare Core Set quests (NM Passage Through Mirkwood, NM Journey Along the Anduin, NM Escape from Dol Goldur) are posted at the YouTube channel above, with new episodes (quests) coming every week.

Each episode focuses on a quest (starting with Nightmare Passage Through Mirkwood), and will feature a "Big Card Breakdown" where we highlight and discuss key cards in our decks, "Encounter Deck Spotlight" where we briefly discuss the key encounter deck cards that will most inform our game decisions, and then our playthrough(s) until we clear the quest. You'll see every attempt, losses and all, as we try to clear the Quest Gauntlet using a "One Fellowship" approach, meaning that we cannot swap any cards between quests.

"Gondor has no sideboard. Gondor needs no sideboard."

Please join us, as we find out just how much strength remains in the blood of Numenor.


May 17, 2021 abdominous rex 1

Great decks! Love the idea!