Progression 2: The Hunt for Gollum (with Challenges!)


Time for part 2 of the Progression Series! Starting now, for each quest I will be attempting to beat it while also achieving one or more challenges. To see the full rules for my progression series see the first fellowship here:

Today's challenges:

  1. Start the game with Old Wive's Tales on top of the encounter deck.
  2. Complete the game with all four Clue objectives attached to a hero.

To tech for the first challenge, we have Eleanor.

Please feel free to leave any comment or challenge suggestion for the next scenario, as I tackle Conflict at the Carrock!


May 24, 2021 Truck 734

I have some challenge ideas for Carrock:

1: Start off with a copy of Sacked! on top of the encounter deck (a nightmare, but a suggestion.)

2: No Eleanor or A Test of Will. (another nightmare)

3: Be engaged with all the Trolls at once, and still win. (The Trolls can be engaged with multiple players, doesn't have to be four Trolls on one player.)

4: Get Grimbeorn up to ten resources.

May 24, 2021 bobbymcbobface 236

@Truck Awesome, thanks for the ideas! If no one else comments by the time I do my next fellowship, I’ll randomly choose three of the four challenges. Otherwise I’ll choose three out of all total suggestions