Progression 14: Shadow and Flame


It's time for part 14 of the Progression Series, the epic conclusion of the Dwarrowdelf cycle: Shadow and Flame! Last time, I trekked through the Foundations of Stone and managed to pull off an extremely close win while also completing the challenge for the quest. I sacrificed Boromir in a crucial moment to finish off three different Nameless enemies and two orcs and a bat! I ended the game with three Nameless things and three Elder Nameless things in the victory display. (For more information on that see here:

This time, I will be attempting to beat Shadow and Flame while also completing a challenge. To see the full rules for my progression series see the first fellowship here:

Today's challenge, courtesy of Truck:

Cannot trigger the Secrecy keyword on any card.

Please feel free to leave any comment or challenge suggestion for the next box, as I go Over Hill and Under Hill!