Progression 20: Encounter at Amon Dîn


It's time for part 20 of the Progression Series, Encounter at Amon Din! Last time, I entered and escaped the Druadan Forest, discovering the fate of the remaining members of the cabal. For more information on that see here: (

This time, I will be attempting to beat Encounter at Amon Din while also completing a challenge for the quest. To see the full rules for my progression series see the first fellowship here:

Today's challenge:

Seeds of Treachery: Lord Alcaron's Response ability cannot be triggered

Also, starting with Progression Fellowship 21, and continuing with each consecutive whole number fellowship, I will have to choose one non-hero card that has appeared in at least five of my fellowships and BAN it from all further use for the series!

Please feel free to leave any comment or challenge suggestion for the next challenge, as I use the card pool I have accrued up to this point to take on the first three Nightmare Decks!