Two decks for owners of Revised Core & Angmar Awakened

warlock000 3365


My two complementary decks built arund cardpool from the Revised Core Set and the Angmar Awakened box that can either be played solo or in a two player game.

See the descrpition of each deck for more details and some strategy tips:

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Sep 25, 2022 sc00ter1979 1

What would be the suggested Amarthiul replacement if playing the angmar campiagn (I'm getting squashed by the second scenario even on easy. finding LOTR way more challenging than arkham and marvel champions and can't begin to figure out deckbuilding on my own :( )

Sep 27, 2022 warlock000 3365

@sc00ter1979 try this deck: - I haven't published it yet as I didn't test it as much as I would like to (I've beaten Across the Ettenmoors with it though) - try it ;).

Sep 27, 2022 sc00ter1979 1

Thanks! do you have a fellowship deck to go with it maybe?

Sep 28, 2022 sc00ter1979 1

This double set finally wokred! I swapped out Amarthiul for Legolas. And I think I only accidentally cheated twice! (So I would have lost probably since both groups were at 49 threat)