Two Handed Dwarves


First attempt at building a Dwarf mining deck here... Intended as a thematic approach to The Hobbit saga, I tried Some Sort's Hobbit Era dwarf decks as a starting point, but I think this fellowship was put together before the Dwarf mining archetype emerged, so I wanted to try some of that. Coupled to that was the fact that the Fighting deck was generating loads of resources and doing very well, but I was having difficulty paying for cards with the questing deck, especially Lore, having the minority hero.

So: I've included Steward of Gondor in the Leadership deck, intending to play it on Nori across the table. I've also added Song of Travel to give a Lore hero Spirit capabilities, as well as Parting Gifts to allow cross-table resource sharing.

I realise that there are a couple of unique allies in both decks, so I'll see how that goes, but Gandalf doesn't tend to stay around long enough for that to be a problem.