Angmar Champions

Denison 444


I finally slayed the two-headed dragon of Carn Dum and Dread Realm with these decks.

It's a super-Beregond strategy, piling up readying attachments and free equipment. It's not crazy that he can cancel shadow cards and defend for 6 on turn 1 with Erestor's ability making the combo cards available.

First copy of Keeping Count goes on Haldir. The second goes on Glorfindel. No longer a gimmick in my book, this card is reliable and useful in this build. Haldir typically gets a few notches by the fourth round, allowing Glorfindel to swing for a minimum of 6, but typically goes for 8-9 with attachments from across the board.

Arwen will use the additional resource on Erestor to help pay for Gildor's Counsel occasionally. By recycling Test of Will, some turns can completely mitigate the encounter deck.

Between Northern Tracker, Asfaloth and Evening Star, the build excels at location control. Arod and Steed are there for good measure.

Updated with Steward/Good Harvest combo needed for recent Nightmare quests.


Apr 13, 2016 Denison 444

Demolished Nightmare Three Trials and Nightmare Druadan Forest.

May 26, 2016 Denison 444

Stormcaller was a beauty. In the 3rd round it was 7-8 with Stormcaller in the lead with all ships at stage 2. Used the combat team and Silver Wing for the Sailing test. That triggered an engagement with Swift Raider, leaving the staging area clear, except for Stormcaller. Questing team went for 15, with Dream-Chaser, and easily caught Stormcaller. Combat team was about to take 17 damage in undefended attacks, but Sahir called it a day.

May 27, 2016 Kakita_Shiro 27

Have you considered making room for Song of Wisdom and A Burning Brand?

May 27, 2016 Kakita_Shiro 27

Nevermind, I just saw it there.

Jul 17, 2016 Denison 444

Just played the fastest game of Temple of the Deceived that I’m likely to experience. I've substituted Entangled Nets for Goblin-Cleaver.

Round 1 – Top Left – Jungle Path – Flipped Drowned Graves before travelling to it.

Round 2 – Middle left – Drowned Graves – Travel to Cursed Temple. Fend off Guardian and minions with powered up Beregond. Killed some enemies, but no hits on the Guardian.

Round 3 – Bottom Left - Cursed Temple – 7 hit points on Guardian. Entangled nets completely nerfing enemies.

Round 4 – Bottom left – Cursed temple – Finish off Guardian.

Round 5 – Bottom left – Cursed temple – Travel to Winding Caverns, Arwen exhausts to get Key.

Round 6 – Bottom second from left – Winding Caverns. Exhaust key to find The Grotto’s Entrance. Travel 3 locations to The Grotto’s Entrance. Asfaloth 2 progress on The Grotto’s Entrance. Evening Star for 6 more and sunken ruins found.