Elfhelm and the Mounties!

TheChad 3686


Sing to the Alvin and the Chipmunks theme song:

We're the Mounties! M, O, U, N, T, I, E, S. We're the Mounties! Elfhelm, Theoden, Eomer. Do...do...do-dododo!

It is here, the greatest Mounted fellowship this game has ever seen.

There are more horsepower on display than you would see at a tractor-pull.

A video of this fellowship in action can be found here:


Chad, BGamerJoe, and Mr. Underhill each built a deck and created this fantastic fellowship.

The best part is, it is not a complicated fellowship and a 4th deck could easily be added. Play mounts, lots of them. Play side-quests, lots of them. Then, completely annihilate the quest. Your heroes will be getting double or triple boosts to their stats. The Théoden deck was questing for insane with just the heroes. Éomer with Firefoot TRAMPLED a Hill Troll. Grimbeorn the Old was a Beorning wrecking ball.

This fellowship is so much fun, and many attachments and events get played on your friends cards making it feel like a true fellowship.

Give this one a shot, especially against a SideQuest friendly quest. Check out each deck for piloting instructions.


Oct 02, 2018 mcraejohnny 1

How are there no comments on this yet!!?? Love this idea! Any other quests you've crushed using this trio?

Oct 05, 2018 Mr. Underhill 2016

@mcraejohnnyNot yet, but I'm hoping Chad will have us back for another game in the future!