tamhas 12


Designed specifically for Journey up the Anduin (before I knew about stage 3!)

However I've found this a really fun fellowship to play for other quests too. See the deck listings for more details.


Feb 05, 2019 Denison 328

Consider Wild Stallion for the Guardian. Having used that combo in my last several sessions there is no going back. Getting that ally to 6 defense-levels is more helpful than UC, for instance.

Feb 21, 2019 tamhas 12

Thanks for the tip! Wild Stallion plus Guardian of Esgaroth is amazing! Using a modified version of this Dale deck with that in for my first campaign: ringsdb.com

Feb 21, 2019 Denison 328

If you have access to Valiant Determination, that is the next best card to add to your Guardians. Along with Wild Stallion and any other attachment these guys are pretty much the best allies in the game.