Wild Stallion

Ally. Cost: 2. 1   1   1   1  


Cannot have attachments

Planning Action: Attach Wild Stallion to an ally you control. (Counts as a Mount attachment with the text: "Restricted. Limit 1 per ally. Attached ally gets +1 , +1 , +1 , and +1 hit point.")

Carlos Palma Cruchaga

Roam Across Rhovanion #33. Spirit.

Wild Stallion

This is the card your allies have been waiting for!

In the spirit realm I would rate it as one of the strongest allies for its cost. On it own it's not steller but once you use its action to attach to another Ally you really get to see how good this horse can get. Counting as restricted means Ents and Eagles are out, but the rest of the Ally pool is wide open and fair game.

It's best paired up with already strong allies to push them into hero-stats levels and even better with ones that have some readying effects (or paired up with Leadership Faramir (or valiant determination attachment) to be able to use their cross-boosted stats multiple times in a round.

My favourite targets are Hobbit ally Gandalf who becomes a 5/5/5 monster stronger than any other hero that can quest and battle since he doesn't exhaust to quest. Other decent ones are Boromir, Gimli and Wiglaf who all benefit from the boosted stats and built in readying.

Hope you enjoy this excellent steed for our allied friends!

A solid card in its own right with decent stats and effect for its cost and arguably the biggest stat boost from mounts.

One interesting interaction I want to point is that, currently, this is the only way for Rohan allies to benefit from Charge of the Rohirrim. Maybe not a super strong reason to run either, but is definitely a fun combo. It's just a shame you can't also combine with Forth Eorlingas! and Spear of the Mark since Forth Eorlingas! only targets heroes.

dr00 17

Not much to add, separately from the other reviews, about how good this is as an ally attachment. This one is a great one, though, and does well rounding out the other ally-specific attachments debuted in this cycle, especially Valiant Determination.

One negative note I will add that's kind of funny is just how much anti-synergy this card has with everyone's favorite creature feature, Radagast. In a deck full of eagles and loyal hounds, this card is pointless, which is pretty disappointing since it's a good card and benefits from Radagast's ability to play out of sphere critters.

frozen 129