Shelob's Lair Easy mode


A pair of decks that have been put together for our 5th attempt at this quest on easy mode. The hero choices are locked in so we do not incur the Campaign threat penalty. The two most recent attempts have both ended by threating out on stage 3 due to being overwhelmed.

In response to this the Gondor deck has been adjusted, firstly by swapping Tacics Beregond for the Spirit version, and by including location control effects in place of the old tactics cards.

The decks include plenty of card draw as discard effects are common. The main goals are to equip Beregond with shadow cancellation and readying effects to handle Shelob, manage in the staging area with location control effects and use the Hobbit deck's action advantage to clear enemies.

Beregond will defend Shelob's quest phase attack each turn to prevent counters accumulating and also helping to manage threat levels.