Thematic Saga - The Uruk-Hai

Tubarush 192


This is the Fellowship I used for The Uruk-Hai in my Thematic Saga run (which includes the 2 PoD quests that are inserted after the 1st quest in Black Riders.)

Boons: Anduril, Sting (not used), Old Bogey-Stories, Tireless Ranger (Sam), Noble Hero (Aragorn), Mithril Shirt (not used), Glamdring, Three Golden Hairs

Burdens: Gandalf's Delay, Panicked, Overcome By Terror, Fear of Discovery, Pursued By The Enemy, Overcome By Grief, Ill Fate (Fortunately, most of the Burdens are not in play in this quest.)

Merry and Pippin are the captives.

Due to the rules of the Saga campaign, some thematic weirdness has to go on --- mainly Sam being here. In my Saga run, Gandalf has survived so that's fine. But due to the rules, I can't sub out Sam without a permanent threat hit. So he represents that there's stuff going on elsewhere.

Since Aragorn is now "floating", Gimli has taken his place in the line-up. I did not include Boromir in these decks (he has also survived in my Saga run), so I think he is either helping Frodo or on his way to Gondor after the Breaking Of The Fellowship.

The Legolas/Gimli deck includes some Rohan allies. I think this is fairly thematic in that the patrols are out. I especially like the specific cards I used in that they show up for a bit and go off on their own again.

I had 2 wins in a row with this Fellowship. The first saw several early rounds with no enemies -- so a slow build up and then taking down the enemies that came later was a walk in the park. I won in the 8th round. Pursuit ended at 25 with a high of 27.

The 2nd win was a mad dash with hardly any locations showing up in staging, but a boatload of enemies. I won in the Engagement Phase of Round 4 --- by Quick Striking with Legolas and gaining the final progress just prior to succumbing to Archery Damage at the beginning of the Combat Phase. Pursuit ended at 15, with a high of 18. Very tense and exciting.


Mar 16, 2019 Goggen 93

Mar 16, 2019 Tubarush 192