A Journey Through Mirkwood


I've been collecting the game for a while now, and I really do enjoy the game, but I really haven't been playing it as much as I would like. This is my attempt to build a fellowship using cards from the core set and the shadows of Mirkwood cycle only.

Let me know if you all have any improvements you recommend! I'm gonna start playtesting it sometime soon. It's a Solo two-handed thing.


Jul 01, 2019 Seastan 20840

My biggest suggestion would be to find room for Éowyn. You seem pretty light on the questing ability and she helps a ton in that area.

Jul 03, 2019 Musicman.a.97 7

Yep, Felt it was really hard to quest early Game, and I really was Not using Eleanor's ability as much as I thought I would. Gonna swap her out for Éowyn and see what happens.