TR3: Into Fangorn, 2-handed solo, progression


This scenario was surprisingly a nice change of pace after the previous "To Catch an Orc". Much less brutal. The decks could be more refined to beat this scenario with greater ease, but even as they are they beat it more often than not.

While it's not the toughest scenario it excels on the theme. I was loving the idea of being caught when engaged with the Huorns, them removing quest points. Also the timer sending you to stage 3 if Mugash escaped. Worked really well.

Here we have one deck for questing/utility and one deck for getting rid of Huorns ideally before their forced effect kicks in at the beginning of each round. Getting the Rivendell Bow onto Glorfindel really helps with damage output if you can manage it. I found the real game changing encounter card here was "Low on provisions", especially if you get a couple of them in quick succession. There is a Warden of Healing to help mitigate this but be wary leaving a hero with 1 hit point!