Long Lake Trader

Ally. Cost: 2. 1   1   0   2  


Action: Exhaust Long Lake Trader to move an Item attachment from a character you control to another eligible character.

"Nowhere are there any men so friendly to us as the Men of Dale"
Glóin, The Fellowship of the Ring
Torbjörn Källström

The Wilds of Rhovanion #6. Lore.

Long Lake Trader

This guy is subtle. At first glance he doesn't seem that good. But he actually fits right at home in most Dale decks. He gets your attachments where they need to be and that alone is worth looking at. You can use him to move attachments from your allies to Brand son of Bain for a further reduction with King of Dale. So you can play more on Dale characters without attachments to trigger Brand son of Bain and his draw. Or in multiplayer I've used him to pass cards like Magic Ring to my other members of my fellowship. Now, I never leave home without him in my Dale decks.

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