Ally. Cost: 3. 0   0   1   3  


Action: Exhaust Bombur to choose a location. That location gets -1 until the end of the phase. (That location does not contribute its instead if it is an Underground location.)

Winona Nelson

Road to Rivendell #35. Lore.


Bombur. Hm.

In my opinion, ally Bombur is total and utter garbage. I am paying 3 resources for a 0 0 1 3 ally. I would have no problem with paying for that IF the ability was good or at least decent, BUT IT'S NOT! To exhaust Bombur for a -1 to a location is terrible. That is basically the equivalent of 1. Rather than playing this I could play allies such as Súlien, Bofur, or Faramir and get a much better use of my moola. There are soooooooooo many better uses of the card space and resources, and I don't think I have ever included him into one of my decks. The only time I can see this card to be useful is if there is a Underground location in play, then he becomes quite decent. If the ability was something similar to Súlien, but perhaps to a lesser extent or if his ability was to exhaust him to give a location -1 and if it has 0 then discard the location or something like that, then I would love to include the card.

He's a good card for the sideboard in case you ever play a quest with lots of underground locations. In those quests he can be very powerful. — Wandalf the Gizzard 2414
Bombur's amazing in the Dwarrodwelf cycle, as he can sometimes completely shut down 5 threat locations, like the Zigil Mineshaft. — GreenWizard 310
I agree with @greenwizard — nelloianiro 1014
But you're right @FolcoBoffin in non-Dwarrowdelf cycle quests, he's garbage, because of his high cost. — GreenWizard 310
While there are better options, he is also helpful in quests where you don't want to get too much progress. He can control your questing like Spirit Eowyn. — LEGOlas 129