Mithlond Sea-watcher

Ally. Cost: 2. 1   1   0   2  

Noldor. Warrior.

While the top card of your discard pile is an ally, Mithlond Sea-watcher gets +2 and gains ranged.

But it was an old tradition that away over there stood the Grey Havens, from which at times elven-ships set sail, never to return.
The Fellowship of the Ring
Owen William Weber

The Grey Havens #3. Tactics.

Mithlond Sea-watcher

This is without doubt my favourite of the 'top card of your discard pile' Noldor Allies from the Grey Havens. Just on base stats alone, contributing 1 in Tactics for only two resources is incredible on a non-unique Ally (only Derndingle Warrior has the same willpower and cost) and allows Tactics decks to contribute meaningfully to questing without skimping on the combat prowess that is their forte. This allows the Sea-Watcher to contribute to the game whilst waiting for any Ally to hit your discard pile and turn it into a combat machine. 3 is excellent on a 2-cost Ally - especially one that can contribute in the questing phase - and if paying 'normal' price this Ally would cost 3 resources so as long as you can keep a dead Ally in the right place this Ally is quite a bargain. But how to do that? Thankfully, Allies are the easiest card type to get into the discard pile since at the very least you can use them to chump-block an attacker - which works perfectly in this instance as the Sea-Watcher's ability wants to be active when you are attacking which happens to be right after any chump-blocking Allies have died. If you don't fancy sacrificing your allies in this manner, you can also make use out of allies that can be discarded from play for an effect (most Rohan allies fit the bill here and Westfold Outrider is particularly helpful as he can be discarded to bring an enemy into range of the Sea-Watcher whilst simultaneously ensuring you have the attack power to finish them off). The Sea-Watcher is the greatest help to mono-Tactics solo decks as not only do they lack cheap questing Allies (and cheap allies in general!) but they have access to two reasonably costed Allies who can be killed to 'prevent' enemy attacks - Grimbold and White Tower Watchman. Sacrificing these Allies will not only cancel the attack of a powerful enemy you need to kill, but will boost the attack power of your Sea-Watchers so you can defeat them. I don't see myself making any Tactics decks in th near future that don't include a full three copies of this extremely useful card.

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I also love this card. However, if you want really good value, the #Dunedain Hunter is even better because he is free. — The White Wizard 536