Fatty Bolger

Hero. Threat: 7. 1   1   2   3  


Action: Exhaust Fatty Bolger to choose an enemy in the staging area and raise your threat by that enemy's . Until the end of the phase, that enemy does not contribute its . (Limit once per round.)

"I only hope that you do not need rescuing before the day is out" The Fellowship of the Ring
Sebastian Giacobino

The Black Riders #5. Spirit.

Fatty Bolger

To be totally honest, I don't think I have ever used Fatty's ability. I have always just used him for his defensive stats which are actually pretty good, especially for a low threat hobbit(koff koff Bilbo). I'm kinda sad about this because I always liked Fatty as a character and it's a real bummer that Folco Boffin is amazing while Fatty's ability is awful. I hope they come out with a new version of Fatty eventually or errata this one to improve it(or both!).

His name is freakin' Fatty! he should be waaaaaaaaaaaay better — Truck 389