Beregond's amazing discount sale!

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Steinwill 80

Beregond has always been a solid but rather boring hero to use for me, just stands there and blocks, with a neat, but limited discount. HOWEVER with the release of Long Lake trader and Bartering that all changed! Now you could get multiple uses out of Beregonds weapon discount not only for you BUT for EVERYONE!

This deck duty is to spam the hell out weapons and equipment every round and shuffle them around to other players with Long Lake trader and Bartering.

An optimal turn 1 would be to have Bartering and Long Lake trader and a couple of weapons and a Citadel Plate

Start putting down a free 2 cost item like Ravenwinged helmet return it with Bartering and put down a Free Citadel Plate ! Use Long Lake trader to shuffle around so you don't occupy all the restricted slots which can be a problem with Raiment of War I also added Mighty warrior (mostly for the fun of it) so I would have targets I can move Raiment of War to.

My best first round I managed to put out 2 citadel plates, 2 raven winged helmets, 1 mighty warrior, 1 long lake trade and 2 curious brandybucks during traveling. All in one round! I fear this deck might not be so good in the long run though.

So this is my first rough draft of this idea and probably gonna continue editing it so I'm open to suggestions^^


Apr 08, 2019 Codebrimbor 19

I might be missing something, but how are you playing Black Arrow? Or is that included with the hopes that another player will have a hero with Ranged?

Apr 08, 2019 Steinwill 80

Haha yea that is true, I am hoping that someone has someone with ranged. This is a multiplayer support deck after all^^