Three Wolf Hunters for Wastes of Eriador

Questlogs using this decklist
Loss - The Wastes of Eriador - 1 Player - 2020-04-10
Loss - The Wastes of Eriador - 1 Player - 2020-04-10
Win - The Wastes of Eriador - 1 Player - 2020-04-10
Win - Escape from Mount Gram - 1 Player - 2020-04-17
Loss - Escape from Mount Gram - 1 Player - 2020-04-17
Win - Across the Ettenmoors - 1 Player - 2020-04-18
Loss - The Treachery of Rhudaur - 1 Player - 2020-04-24
Loss - The Wastes of Eriador - 1 Player - 2021-10-13
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Forth Dúnedain Defenders to Deadman's Dike 0 0 0 1.0
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Three Undead Hunters for Treachery of Rhudaur 1 0 0 1.0
Three Undead Hunters for The Dread Realm 3 1 0 2.0
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kattattack22 791

kattattack22 has a newer deck inspired by this one: Three Undead Hunters for Treachery of Rhudaur

kattattack22 has a newer deck inspired by this one: Three Undead Hunters for The Dread Realm

Primary roles and what to attach to which hero:

Beravor defender and card draw

  • Burning Brand
  • Gondorian Shield
  • Dunedain Warning
  • first Steed of the North

Aragorn attacker

  • War Axe
  • Swords of Numenor or Ranger Spears
  • Roheryn

Halbarad quester

  • Strider
  • Celebrían's Stone
  • Armored Destrier
  • Ranger Spear
  • second Gondorian Shield
  • second Steed of the North
  • Dunedain Warning

Make sure to mulligan for Strider or Celebrían's Stone! The one exception is opening hand has lots of cars draw and hope you can draw one. You often won't have an enemy stay engaged to let Halbarad quest without exhausting. Beravor can help quest but early on Beravor is needed to defend or draw cards more.

Cold from Angmar can blank hero text boxes. Best to assign damage to Halbarad since his ability won't come into play much. Do watch out for Bitter Wind dealing more damage before the contract flips and healing comes online.

The feints are helpful to hold off early warg assaults. This should help get set up and Aragorn to clear out the board so Beravor can start drawing cards. They're also good if Pack Leader exhausts a few characters for engagement. If each hero has a Steed of the North, you can play around the Pack Leader forced effect and ready heroes after it.

Aragorn with a War Axe, another weapon or 2, and Roheryn is very nice. He can dispatch the wargs without needing to defend.

Beravor is also top priority for Steed of the North to allow to draw cards after questing. Either an enemy won't be revealed and if no enemies are engaged then can draw or an enemy revealed and going to be engaged and want to use ability to draw during Travel. Halbarad is second because Aragorn can clear enemies pretty well and won't always have enemy engaged when Halbarad quests.

As you may note from the quest logs, this deck has also been successful against Escape from Mount Gram and Across the Ettinmoors.

For Escape from Mount Gram, I recommend starting with Aragorn. He has a good chance of getting a Leadership icon from Sword that was broken. At the very least he is a still a good target for most of the attachments if they're rescued of put into play with Dungeon Guard. His ability also makes taking enemies out pretty easy.

In Across the Ettinmoors, the safe locations can help keep the deck from getting overrun with enemies as they tend to be tough and hard to take down in a single turn especially early on. Returning 2 or 3 enemies to the staging area then optionally engaging one that can be taken down is very helpful. Then Aragorn's ability can engage the highest threat one to help with questing the next turn. Also note that safe keyword blanks side quests. If Make Camp is in play you can use the flipped contract to heal while it's blanked.


Apr 11, 2020 Alonewolf87 1921

Rohan Warhorse could also be useful for Aragorn (and he can ride it together with Roheryn since the latter is not restricted)

Apr 11, 2020 Alonewolf87 1921

Also just a note, no two War Axe on Aragorn, it's "Limit 1 per character"

Apr 11, 2020 kattattack22 791

@Alonewolf87 I did realize that in my attempt today. It's still powerful enough that I'd prefer to have 3 to make sure to see it, but it might help to run Dagger of Westernesse instead. Especially since this quest needs more willpower earlier than Deadman's Dike did.

In the game I played today, I didn't need multiple attacks. I was able to handle the few wargs I saw. Location lock was more a problem but I didn't have Strider or Celebrían's Stone to help with questing.

Apr 11, 2020 kattattack22 791

@Alonewolf87 It still works with a single War Axe. Getting +4 attack on a single weapon is still very strong. Aragorn was attacking for 8 and 9 on his own. 2 copies is probably good enough since it usually adds 2 if played early. I'd likely add in a 3rd Favor of the Valar for this quest. I came very close to threating out in my last game.

Apr 12, 2020 Alonewolf87 1921

@kattattack22 For sure, I also use it in a Three Hunters deck with Arwen/Elladan/Elrohir (and Golden Belt) and it's the best weapon for the mid late game.

Jul 09, 2020 jimthechin 2

Would this deck run The One Ring just for the one extra restricted attachment?

Jul 09, 2020 kattattack22 791

@jimthechin you could if you want to. I didn't because I don't have A Shadow in the East yet. Threat might be an issue since this regularly gets to 45 and Favor of the Valar is the only threat reduction. Woodmen's Clearing and/or Secret Vigil would need to be subbed in to help make sure it doesn't threat out. Deep Knowledge might be good to replace for one of those just to avoid the additional threat raise.