The Hidden Vale

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Jun 18, 2016 Authraw 2298

I really like the Leadership / Spirit combo for Secrecy. Leadership has some of the best Secrecy cards, and Spirit helps keep your threat low.

Do you find yourself using Elrohir as a defender in this deck even when his brother isn't around? You might consider swapping him for someone like Sam Gamgee or Halbarad when playing solo.

How does this deck do with respect to willpower production? Including a few more allies might make Timely Aid hit more often and help to take a little of the pressure off.

I have found that I really appreciate the Sailor of Lune in decks like this since he's invincible while committed to the quest (and allies are precious commodities when you only have two heroes) in addition to the fact that you should have no problem getting an event on top of the discard pile given the number of events you have in your deck.

Ally Galadriel might help you fetch your vital attachments, although she's a little pricey without any resource acceleration.

Looks like you've hit on some fun combos.

Jun 18, 2016 Edheliad 20

With his extra hitpoint and tendency to still be available after questing, I tend to use Glorfindel for defending when playing solo.

Just have to pray the encounter deck is kind and I can avoid most of it.

Lords of the Eldar is a must for the next version, for extra defence and willpower at the right moments.