Arwenian Brick Wall

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emorlecallor 1232

Owner's Manual: How To Construct Your Arwenian Brick Wall

This guide is meant to provide instructions for the building and maintenance of your newly bought Arwenian Brick Wall. A 90-day warranty is included with the purchase of the wall. If it doesn't work, we'd love your input on how to make it better. Thanks!


To assemble your Arwenian Brick Wall, follow these steps:

1)Mulligan for Arwen Undómiel. She is the cornerstone of the wall and without her it WILL fall down. Do not attempt to begin construction of the wall without her. Use all means possible to get her in your hand, including thinning your deck with Gandalf or using the card draw of her grandmother. Once you have Arwen you can begin major work on the wall.

2)Once you have Arwen, lay her down as the first brick. If you use an Envoy of Pelargir or Gandalf's Staff, this can be done as early as turn one with the resource transfer.

3)Get Narya on the brick labeled "Gandalf." Use hammer, nails, and two neutral resources to secure. Hammer and nails not provided in this package.

4)Rummage around in the box until you find two materials: Hold Your Ground! and Elven-light. Use pipes to create an infinity-shaped loop with these two materials and the brick labeled "Hama." Put this structure next to the Arwen brick and turn with a screwdriver until the Arwen brick can freely be switched into an upright position every turn.

5)Use superglue to attach Spare Hoods and Cloaks to the neighboring Arwen and Hama bricks, leaving room for these garments to rotate.

6)Lay down the rest of the bricks.


Your Arwenian Brick Wall will require regular maintenance. Here are some steps you should take every round to insure your wall remains strong and defensible:

1)The Arwen brick is designed to be easily changed between an upright and flat position. As you begin each round, take time to rotate this brick flat during your quest phase. This will make it stronger and more durable.

2)After you have done this, move the Gandalf brick, along with the Narya you attached to it, into a flat position while at the same time standing the Arwen brick up. This will also increase the durability of the Arwen brick.

3)In the case of any foes seeking to attack you, this is where your Arwenian Brick Wall will come in handy. Move the Arwen brick into a flat position again. This will further increase its durability. Then, present your Arwenian Brick Wall to the foe attacking you. It will be unable to shatter the Arwen brick, and you will be kept safe from harm.

4)At this point, if there is another foe seeking to harm you, you have a solution. Twist the loop you made out of Hold Your Ground!, Elven-light, and the Hama brick, and it will move the Arwen brick into an upright position. Then, move the Arwen brick back into a flat position (increasing its durability!) and present it to the new foe. It will be stopped in its tracks. Later on, you can use the Hama brick (along with the Gandalf brick if it has Shadowfax or Unexpected Courage nailed to it) to assault your foes, which will reset the loop and allow you to use it the next round.

5)Once you have two Spare Hoods and Cloaks, you can nail one to Arwen and one to Hama. This does nothing except increase your wall's durability by one point- but you have to remember to slide them 90 degrees each round.

6)At the end of each round, all peices in your Arwenian Brick Wall will stand upright. Do not attempt to prevent this.

7)All bricks not mentioned above fill a support role, helping the wall stand strong and tall. Galadriel is the most critical of these bricks and really holds the whole wall together!

I sincerely hope you enjoy your new Arwenian Brick Wall! If you have any questions or comments, email them to us at Thank you for your support!


Aug 01, 2016 Erisau19 26

Wow really cool, deck. Never thought as Arwen Undómiel as a defender before.

Aug 01, 2016 emorlecallor 1232

@Erisau19 Thanks! Neither had I, but then I realized that with a few readying effects Arwen could be a really good defender since she basically gets stronger every defense she makes. You could even add Sword-thain and some Unexpected Courages if you wanted to!

Aug 02, 2016 bigfomlof 554

I love your write-ups! Can't wait to try this deck, though I'm not sure I'm smart enough to follow the instruction manual.

Aug 03, 2016 emorlecallor 1232

@bigfomlof Thank you!! Don't worry, I'm sure you're smart enough to be able to use the manual, as long as you disregard the email address.