The Three Questers

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Basically a Hero-focused deck that aims to quest and defend. The hilariously low amount of allies makes Strider a surprising source of Willpower and a slew of attachments like Steward of Gondor, Blood of NĂºmenor, and Armored Destrier turn Gimli into a worthy defender, all the while readying Heroes like Legolas.

Look for Steward of Gondor, Galadriel, Strider, Elven-light or Unlikely Friendship in your opening hand, though I'd place emphasis on Steward of Gondor or Elven-light. Do not play this deck against quests that "kidnap" your Heroes as this deck is entirely built upon the three of them, with little to no ally dependency. On the plus side, this deck laughs at scenarios that bring ally hate.

Do some questing, ready your heroes constantly, and even fight back here-and-there in "The Three Questers."

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