The Forest has Teeth! (Tri-sphere Silvan Solo Deck)

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spanishinquisition 200

This is a pretty standard Silvan deck, however I've only recently got around to giving the Silvan archetype a decent go, so this deck plays with a number of recent (and powerful) Silvan cards.

Mirkwood Long-knife goes wonderfully with Celeborn and Legolas, and there is so much readying available in this deck that you should get the questing and attack value each round.

Cards to look for in your mulligan are O Lórien! and Light of Valinor. Orophin is a real star, and bouncing him in and out of play to reduce threat (Island Amid Perils) and bring back allies that can return events and continue the cycle, is great fun.

There are lots of Silvan decks out there, and this was just my effort to focus on an aggressive solo Silvan deck (particularly with Marksman of Lórien). Some cards aren't really optimal in this deck (Bow of the Galadhrim is a good example), but I endeavoured to incorporate some fun and 'thematic cards' (even though I bowed to the pressure of including the solo players best friend - Steward of Gondor).

I've had fun with this deck, particularly against the recent The Sands of Harad quests (these quests are fast becoming my 'test quests' for solo decks).


Jan 04, 2017 mekane 26

This deck looks fun, thanks for sharing it.