The Little Lieutenants

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ohuerc 207

Designed to play alongside The Very Wise Captain for nightmare mode... although that deck needs very little help! Extra Heed the Dream to search for what we need right at the start, and otherwise, just playing random Secrecy and questing nonsense.

One combo in here that will take a bit to set up: Fili and Kili with We Are Not Idle. Even longer: add Henamarth Riversong and Unlikely Friendship. The idea here is to get through the deck faster, and have resources to splash around when Resourceful is on the wrong color.

Keen as Lances also can splash resources, though I'd rather draw cards. Gandalf can also draw cards, or lower threat, if nothing needs killing. Finally, Out of the Wild and Keen as Lances remove themselves from the deck when played, so the next time through should be even faster.