Cleansing the Land of Evil

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StephenMotz 59

This is a multiplayer support deck I'm testing out. It's main functions are location control, healing, and card draw. Use Elrond + Vilya to get big allies down, and pass the card draw around the table with Beravor and Gléowine. Any suggestions are welcome!


Feb 17, 2017 HootsFromErebor 26

Nice deck! It's actually quite similar to one I posted recently.

Have you considered adding Master of the Forge? Not only can he help find Vilya should you miss out in your opening hand but he also lets you shuffle your deck so you can see more cards with Imladris Stargazer.

Feb 17, 2017 StephenMotz 59

Thanks@HootsFromErebor! I did originally have Master of Lore in there, but I pulled him out thinking that I could make room for more powerful allies. This deck didn't get up to speed fast enough, so I think I might put him back in to do exactly what you've suggested.