3-Players game night: Rohan's cavalry

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3-Players game night
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Alduc 56

I had a LotR game night with two friends recently, and I volunteered to build a set of three decks for the group. I decided to go with decks that were consistent, but with some thematic allowance.

We played the first quest of the Sands of Harad box. We were headed for a solid win, but made the mistake of leaving too few ready characters when advancing to the second quest card, and got swamped by three surging enemies all at once.

This deck provides combat support for the fellowship, while still contributing to the quest thanks to Éowyn. Elfhelm's resources aren't much needed to pay for cards, but are useful to keep around for Déorwine's ability. Furthermore, the third deck has three copies of Heed the Dream - resources are always appreciated.

This deck has a lower threat than the other two, and should optionally engage an enemy most rounds. With Sentinel characters being present elsewhere on the board (who'll get equipped with a Raven-winged Helm as soon as possible), it doesn't have to worry too much abound defending.