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Silvan of Arnor [2-Deck]
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Warden of Arnor 2469

A somewhat Silvan-themed support deck. Built for my Archetype Analysis post on Silvan decks and tested alongside the main (more Silvan-focused) deck. However, although it will be at its best in a setting with Silvan synergy, this should work pretty well as a general support deck whatever the circumstances.

With the Scroll of Isildur there is scope for this deck to repeatedly use The Tree People, the key to Silvan synergy, though as with any mono- deck it can also be used to recycle card draw to great effect. The greatest weakness of the deck is , but this can hopefully be mostly handled either by other decks or by Defenders of the Naith boosted by Cloaks of Lórien (and ideally Celeborn in another deck).

Haldir of Lórien can be boosted by Ranger Spears and helped along by direct damage from Argalad and Arrows from the Trees, plus reduction from Entangling Nets. There are definitely more options I could've explored for a deck like this and it shouldn't be particularly difficult to swap them in if you wish.