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AtaruSlash 3053

This deck is top class jank. The entire premise is to recur Trained for War and turn Gimli into a questing powerhouse. That's literally all you need to know. Háma is up to his usual tricks, and Mablung helps you stay in the black for your venture. Paired with a deck that can oscillate between regular questing and battle questing (like the one in this fellowship), this deck can go back and forth between crushing the quest and crushing the enemies as needed.


May 12, 2017 Beorn 5049

Love the jank. Any deck which uses Háma to recur Tactics events other than Feint gets two paws up from me.

May 12, 2017 Rouxxor 879

I'm also very interested by Hàma deck, even more since wait no longer mechanic took place of feint mechanic for the "each turn first use" of Hàma.

trained for war don't satisfy me. So do gimli. I like Eowyn and ally with will for solo use, and Boromir and his stuff for multi use. Here as my two decklist: