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camipco 33


Jun 12, 2017 GrimViking 15

I find myself not really liking Rod of the Steward much in general. How much do you feel you need it in this deck?

Jun 12, 2017 Gizlivadi 588

One of my favorite hero lineups. I assume this is for multiplayer? Also, no A Very Good Tale? I find that a must have for this deck.

Jun 13, 2017 camipco 33

I find it's not uncommon the deck runs out of cards with lots of resources, so Rod of the Steward is good there. But maybe 2 copies isn't necessary, especially with 3 of Erestor.

Yes, for multiplayer. In particular, the Ranger Summons is in combo with a Lore deck that moves stuff to the victory display, so the Rangers come up more often. There's also a Caldera deck that donates Emery which helps.

And I haven't tried with A Very Good Tale but I agree it does look strong here.