Eomer, the new king

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toxiczammy 129

I have not put this deck on the table yet, I am looking for some feedback before I do. It seems to me that it will probably take too long to set up the shenanigans to allow √Čomer to benefit from Galadriel's willpower through the use of Herugrim. It just feels like there is too many other things going on in the deck.

I also want to build up Fastred a bit so that when some high attack power enemy comes out he won't die in one hit. His ability would also allow me to send enemies back to the staging area for Eomer to destroy.

I tried some test hands on this site, but I am still unsure about if I actually like the deck. Would it make more sense to run two handed and put Fastred in the other deck? Thoughts on improvement are welcome.


Oct 11, 2017 TheChad 2298

My quick 2-cents: maybe drop the D.Signals for ally Arwen to give him a def boost and sentinel. Desperate defense will need Fastred to have sentinel to work, so I would drop that because it could easily be a dead card. I would think you could use G. Mirror and Silver Harp instead of Mustering the Rohirrim and Rod of the Steward.

Oct 16, 2017 toxiczammy 129

I don't think I like this deck, it feels like there are too many moving parts. I did try it with your edits @TheChad.