At the Cotton Club

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TalesftCards 4054

This is my attempt at a solo Tom Cotton. The main idea is that Cirdan and Eowyn cover the questing and Tom Cotton and his legion of Hobbits handle combat. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Light of Valinor goes on Cirdan (obviously) so that he can use Narya. The idea is to get extra uses out of Hobbits with an attack pumped up by Tom Cotton's ability.

  • Fast Hitch is meant to be paid for by A Good Harvest. If you are in desperate need, you can use A Good Harvest to get out other cards instead if there is no Fast Hitch in sight. But Fast Hitch really helps Tom Cotton. Not only can he defend multiple times, but if you are able to ready him for attack, then Rosie Cotton can potentially boost his attack.

  • A fun combo is dropping a Dunedain Hunter into play, grabbing an enemy with a higher engagement cost, then triggering Tom Cotton's first ability to play Rosie Cotton (or another ally you need smoothing to pay for).

  • With Arwen, Ring Mail, and Rosie Cotton around, Tom Cotton can do some massive defending. Don't forget Halfling Determination in a pinch as well.

  • Raise the Shire does a ton of work here, and the best target is usually Farmer Maggot, who can bomb in and deal 2 damage (given the right engagement cost) and then attack for 4 that turn thanks to Tom Cotton's attack boost.

Have fun!


Nov 10, 2017 zjensen3 26

With so many spirit cards, and using Eowyn for questing mainly, why did you choose Tactics over Spirit Eowyn?

Nov 10, 2017 unkarsthug 1

@zjensen3It also has a lower engagement cost, a priority with hobbits.

Nov 10, 2017 TalesftCards 4054

@zjensen3Good question. Two main considerations: Tactics Eowyn gives an extra 3 points of threat breathing room, which make a difference early on. And her one-shot attacks helps to get out of some sticky situations, particularly before everything gets set up. That being said, it'd probably be worth experimenting with the Spirit Eowyn version.

Nov 10, 2017 zjensen3 26

@TalesftCardsThanks for the response! What's the Song of Travel for? Making Eowyn able to pay for spirit cards?

Nov 11, 2017 Gizlivadi 652

How I wish we could have an actual legion of Hobbirs. Oh well, presumably this deck should become better and better as more Hobbits come out.