Advancing Series - Solo - MEC01 - Journey Down The Anduin

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CasoloGamer 83

Low threat managment and Forest Snare in action. You want on your starting hand Forest Snare. But as well Steward of Gondor. So if Steward came, ignore searching for Forest (imho). Steward on Eowyn, since most cards come from there. Unexpected Courage on Denethor. Even 2 of them. Searching deck for what happen next is very helpful, put all Surge cards on bottom! Of course we want to win before reaching the bottom of enouncter deck ;) Théodred puts resources on himself - or Eowyn, depends what cards on hand, but Son of Arnor is expensive and his attack is helpful as well his ability. We want to take Hill Troll before questing, just to put Forest Snare and avoid its dmg. If possible. In my playthrough I made it without Forest Snare on first Hill Troll ;) Made in one attack thou.

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