Forest Snare

Attachment. Cost: 3.

Item. Trap.

Attach to an enemy engaged with a player.

Attached enemy cannot attack.

"We shall have it like a coney in a trap. Then we shall learn what kind of thing it is."
Unidentified Man of Gondor,
The Two Towers
Alexandru Sabo

Core Set #69. Lore.

Forest Snare

For my money, still the best trap out there, maybe competing for the spot with Ranger Spikes. Its 3-cost is a little steep, and you usually have to survive an initial attack from the enemy, since you can only play Forest Snare during the planning phase. However, you get to specifically target someone, unlike most traps that wait for something to come out of the encounter deck, and once it's set up, it will make most enemies useless for the rest of the game. The only exceptions are enemies with a passive effect you need to get rid of, and an increasing number of enemies that can't have attachments (largely to mitigate the power of this card.) You can make the cost more manageable by playing Damrod, and there are some tricky ways to skip the initial combat round (Mablung, Son of Arnor, Tactics Aragorn). Remember that snared enemies still get shadow cards, they just don't do anything.

Great trap, especially for Dunedain decks. You'll get an enemy that is engaged with you, whereby satisfying the typical Dunedain requirement of stacking up engaged enemies without having to fight it.

Very good trap, which is little bit expensive, but on the other hand, you can put it on anyone. The enemy however must be in staging area, so you have to face him first, but it works well with Son of Arnor and can be reclaimed from discard pile with Erebor Hammersmith or Second Breakfast. Very nice artwork. Verdict: 4/5.

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