The O'Silvans

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Rimogard 147

Rimogard has updated this deck: Beregond Goes To Rivendell

That's the first Silvan deck I'm trying to assemble. It's very similar to this one: The main difference is the inclusion of Legolas instead of Haldir.

Special thanks to @The BGamerJoe for the nice tweaks he made to this deck. I've managed to beat Assault on Osgiliath solo both in normal (1/1) and in nightmare mode (1/3). The deck has a lot of punching power but it has to be played very carefully, because it lacks defensive power.

Feigned Voices is probably the key event. Use Orophin when possible to shuffle a discarded Silvan ally back into your deck. Then, play a Galadhrim Weaver to shuffle a Feigned Voices back into your deck, because it often gets buried under a previously discarded Silvan ally.

Resources - O Lórien!

Draw - Galadriel; Gandalf; Galadhrim Minstrels; Mirror of Galadriel

Threat Reduction - Galadriel; Galadriel's Handmaiden; Gandalf

Attack - Legolas (+ Rivendell Blade); Galadhon Archers; Greenwood Archers; Rumil; Gandalf; Celeborn's buff

Defense - Feigned Voices; Feint; Gandalf

Healing - Galadhrim Healer

Recursion - Galadhrim Weavers (mostly for Feigned Voices); Orophin

Readying - Light of Valinor; Naith Guide; Galadriel

Locations - Legolas; Arod (Optional: Hithlain)

When Revealed Effects Cancellation - A Test of Will

Shadow Cancellation - None


Feb 09, 2018 The BGamerJoe 1399

Looking great! Look at that nice even resource distribution!

Feb 09, 2018 Rimogard 147

@The BGamerJoe It was your idea! ;)

Mar 04, 2018 SamthemanGamgee 224

I'm not so sure about Silvan Refugee, even though its one for three will with Celeborn, just cause the card is so counterintuitive to the silvan idea of leaving play

Mar 05, 2018 Rimogard 147

@SamthemanGamgeeYou have a good point there. However, it can be used with Feigned Voices as well and they can be used for cheap defense in dire situations. Of course, you can replace them with another Galadriel Handmaiden or another Silvan ally who is currently just x2 in the deck. Maybe a third copy of Gandalf?