The O'Silvans

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Rimogard 48

That's the first Silvan deck I'm trying to assemble. It's very similar to this one: The main difference is the inclusion of Legolas instead of Haldir.

Special thanks to @The BGamerJoe for the nice tweaks he made to this deck. I've managed to beat Assault on Osgiliath solo both in normal (1/1) and in nightmare mode (1/3). The deck has a lot of punching power but it has to be played very carefully, because it lacks defensive power.

Feigned Voices is probably the key event. Use Orophin when possible to shuffle a discarded Silvan ally back into your deck. Then, play a Galadhrim Weaver to shuffle a Feigned Voices back into your deck, because it often gets buried under a previously discarded Silvan ally.

Resources - O Lórien!

Draw - Galadriel; Gandalf; Galadhrim Minstrels; Mirror of Galadriel

Threat Reduction - Galadriel; Galadriel's Handmaiden; Gandalf

Attack - Legolas (+ Rivendell Blade); Galadhon Archers; Greenwood Archers; Rumil; Gandalf; Celeborn's buff

Defense - Feigned Voices; Feint; Gandalf

Healing - Galadhrim Healer

Recursion - Galadhrim Weavers (mostly for Feigned Voices); Orophin

Readying - Light of Valinor; Naith Guide; Galadriel

Locations - Legolas; Arod (Optional: Hithlain)

When Revealed Effects Cancellation - A Test of Will

Shadow Cancellation - None


Feb 09, 2018 The BGamerJoe 501

Looking great! Look at that nice even resource distribution!

Feb 09, 2018 Rimogard 48

@The BGamerJoe It was your idea! ;)