Beregond Goes To Rivendell

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Rimogard 153

The story goes like this:

"Boromir had unfinished business in Gondor and decided to stay and defend Osgiliath together with his brother Faramir. Meanwhile, Denethor sent Beregond as his messenger to take part in Elrond's council and to seek advice and wisdom in these desperate times. On his way to Rivendell, Beregond met Galadriel, her husband Celeborn, Orophin, Rumil... and Legolas who spent a fortnight in Lorien before finally heading towards Rivendell."

Yes, I'm using Steward of Gondor in this deck, but I hope that the prelude was convincing enough to encourage you to try the deck. It's extremely fun to play when everything comes into place. I've managed to beat Passage Through Mirkwood (Nightmare) and The Seventh Level (Nightmare) without a lot of problems. The biggest fun factor is that there are always tense and interesting moments what and when to play a card, which is so typical for Silvan decks.

My previous Silvan deck ("The O'Silvans" - had Legolas as a hero instead of Beregond. This time, Legolas returns as an ally, but quite a powerful one.


  • Economy: O Lórien!, Steward of Gondor, an Errand Rider are most welcome.
  • Allies: Legolas is very good and provides you with card draw, plus he's 2 willpower and 4 attack the round he enters and he can quest as well in it. The remaining allies are all useful as well depending on the quest. If you have the economy cards in play, you'll be able to spam 1-2 buffed Silvans per turn.
  • Willpower: Look for Nenya.


I replaced Legolas with Beregond simply because the most obvious weak point of Silvans is their lack of defense. This is exactly what Beregond brings to the table. The following deck has a similar approach:

Beregond allows Celeborn and Galadriel to put emphasis on questing. In the meantime, the Silvan allies are left with the task to wreak havoc among enemy ranks in offense.

Most of the cards are self-explanatory. The deck is pretty well-rounded, I might say. However, here are a couple of tips:

  • Now, the question is - to whom should the Steward of Gondor title go? It depends. However, you should mostly assign it to Beregond due to the large number of powerful and more costly tactics allies. You'll definitely want Legolas, the Galadhon Archers, and the Marksmen of Lórien to be out there!

  • Magic Ring is awesome as well and it can go to any hero. Galadriel and Beregond are its main target. If there's a lot of combat, Beregond it is.

  • There are also a ton of ranged allies to make Rúmil a killing machine if necessary. Who says ranged is not a useful keyword in solo? Also, tell that to the goblin archer who was slain by Legolas in the nightmare mode of the Seventh Level...

I hope you enjoy the deck at least as much as I do! Happy questing!