Celeborn+Fastred+Galadriel (29) - Silvan deck - Solo

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  • Silvan Deck
  • First of all, i know 60 cards seems very much, but what i experienced until now, drawing is not a problem. In 12-13 rounds, if all goes as planned, about 52-54 cards can be already drew. We have the famous Sneak Attack Gandalf, Galadriel's ability, Heed the Dream, Daeron's Runes, which, because i always end up with very low threat, can be changed with Deep Knowledge. Also, the combination of puting into play Galadhrim Minstrel, than search for an event in the top five cards of the deck, then play The Tree People and puting the minstrel back in hand, search for another silvan in the top five, than the minstrel again for another event. With all those actions you can get cards pretty fast from the deck. Also, after playing for exmample Sneak Attack or The Tree People, you cand put Galadhrim Weaver into play and then shuffle those cards back into the deck.
  • So i think that the card draw is not an issue here.
  • The great part is that Celeborn buffs all the silvans that come into play for the round, Galadriel ability makes them to quest without exhausting. Usually, depending on the quest, i remove one copy of A Good Harvest, the Rivendell Blade and one copy of Daeron's Runes. Maybe, for example i did that in The Hunt for Gollum nightmare quest, i removed the Galadriel's Handmaiden and put Northern Tracker, and instead of the blade and a good harvest i introduced two copies, or three, depending on your choice, of Thrór's Key. So you cand jiggle around a little bit.
  • My ideea of playing was simple: as fast as i could i put Song of Wisdom, A Burning Brand and Steward of Gondor on Fastred, so that with Gondorian Shield he can have 5. Also, Nenya and one copy of Unexpected Courage on Galadriel so she can draw cards, lower the threat and quest in the same round. Sending back some of the enemies with Fastred will also lower the threat. At one point, in nightmare mode Journey along Anduin i ended up with 9 threat at the end of the game. I wanted to see if i can.
  • Also Master of the Forge is there to help with pulling out attachments. Ent Draught is not such a mandatory card, but it's good on Fastred once you get Treebeard on and maybe have a big boss at the end of the game, so that Fastred needs 5, besides his 5 or 6 (with Arwen Undómiel).
  • Also, in the sideboard are some interesting cards, depending on what quest you want to play. If you need more threachery cancellation for example, you cand include the Dwarven Tomb to get back some A Test of Will.
  • And that is it. Good luck.

Jun 11, 2018 Wandalf the Gizzard 822

Nice deck, I don't think I've ever seen Fastred in a Silvan deck!

Jun 12, 2018 AL-BLC1 4

Well, i had in mind spirit Beregond first. But i saw that it requires a few rounds to get things going and i needed someone who can help hold on at the beginning and that's when i thought Fastred is great. For example, at Escape from Umbar, that Umbar Sentry that is engaged with you at the beginning of the quest has 29 engagement cost, the same threat we start with. With Galadriel and then Fastred defending once and sending the Sentry back to the staging area, we go back to 26. So he will not engage the next round. And if you cand get a low attack enemy and send him back and forth each round, after two or three rounds, your threat can go to 24 or 22. Which is fabulous especially that questing is not an issue with this deck. And i changed a little at Long arm of Mordor quest. Because i got Celeborn first, put the song on wisdom and steward on him, the strategy changed a little. That is why i got rid of the good harvest, the rivendell blade and gondorian shield and put 3 copies of Dunedain Warning for Fastred.