just passing through - r/lotrlcg weekly quest series #1

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Bambingalo 1


I've been thinking about buying a second core set, but it dawned on me that I don't need to use any cards from the core set at all.

So, this is me trying something different for me. I decided I wouldn't use any core set cards. I only have everything up to Dwarrowdelf and the Hobbit saga. And I didn't want to use dwarves since I've used them before. That pretty much leaves only Glorfindel.

I ended up building a secrecy deck which I've never tried before. My first attempt was with Aragorn but I was out of secrecy in a round or two which was disappointing. I switched in Bifur and went through a few deck iterations that can be summed as removing most of the secrecy cards (I had included all that I could initially) and adding more allies.

I mulligan for Light of Valinor or at least Resourceful. Once I get a bit set, I get Gandalf and start burning through the quests and enemies.