Infinite Gandalf

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Denison 293

The point of this deck is to sneak Gandalf 1-2x every round.

Mithrandir in the opening hand is key and is worth taking a mulligan for him.

We have the staples of Sneak Attack and Reinforcements included as the traditional means to bring forth the White Rider.

Tome of Atanatar will fetch the events and Second Breakfast will pull the Tome back.

The Galadhrim Weaver is another way, through Reinforcements that put the just played Reinforcements back in the draw pile, albeit a less certain way of recurring the card.

The secondary function of the deck is to bolster the heroes with Signals and get Rune-master out of the binder.

The main problem with this type of deck is consistency. Usually there is little card draw and so the key cards never come together, or do so infrequently. The companion deck can provide 3-4 extra cards every round which is exactly what this deck needs to make it an effective and fun deck to pilot.

Using Reinforcements and 2 eagles or Gandalf and an eagle to dump 8 damage on enemies in the staging area during the quest phase is quite entertaining.


Mar 26, 2018 Onidsen 718

If card draw is a problem, have you thought of switching Theodred out for a dwarf (Balin?) and going for King Under the Mountain? Armored Destrier might be a worthwhile add too.

All told, I really like the deck.

Mar 27, 2018 Denison 293

With Reinforcements using so many resources, Theodred is helpful to pay for the Signal strategy or the other event cards. Swapping Sam for Balin is a good option; adding King Under the Mountain in favor of Grave Cairn (which seems cool, but rarely used.)

In testing I was rarely facing two engaged enemies in combat.