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simone 112

(Sorry for my shitty english) I really love Thurindir and side quest. My favourite is The Storm Comes, because allow you to include ally of any sphere in your deck. I put Éowyn in the deck for two reason: 1 you need huge amount to work with side quest and her abilty grant you 5 each round if you use her power 2 she allow you to put 3 copy of cards (Steward of Gondor for example) in your deck. Denethor is in the deck because of his setup ability and because is a pretty good defender. I put a lot of resource acceleration cards, some healing and drawing cards and very bomb ally ( my favourite are Beorn, Glorfindel, and Galdor of the Havens that have an awesome synergy with eowin ability). Starting with 25 threat is good, if you need you can low your threat with Gandalf (3 copies of core Gandalf must be in every deck in my opinion) or Double Back that is simply OP. that's all, hope you Enjoy my deck ;) Simone