Thematic Belegost Deck

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Seastan 16430

I tried to make a deck that satisfies the following 2 conditions:

  • Can regularly beat Ruins of Belegost
  • Uses cards that mostly all share a trait (what many might consider "thematic")

in my opinion the most reliable way to beat Belegost is actually through secrecy. By staying under 20 threat, Narlhug will not engage you, so you do not have to deal with an attack of 7 + direct damage as early as turn 3. You just have to deal with his threat in the staging area.

We mulligan for Light of Valinor. There is enough threat reduction in the deck that you should not really have to mulligan for it in order to be sub-20 by turn 3. Galadriel of course can keep you under 20 once you get there.

Since no other enemies in this quest have sub-20 engagement cost we can focus entirely on building up our willpower. We can do this pretty easily by using Mirror of Galadriel + Silver Harp to find the 3 Ethir Swordsman.

Once you have built up your board (or if the slowly rising threat from Narlhug becomes unmanageable) you can advance to stage 2. If you have to deal with the Lurker, you can do so with Glorfindel and some Guardians of Rivendell, finishing him off with a direct hit from Gandalf so he only ever attacks twice (you can use Silvan Refugee to chump block).

In the end you will need to muster enough attack to actually kill Narlhug, and for that we have 2x Lords of the Eldar.

Good luck!