We Need Spirit, Ere Break of Day

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danilopatro 26

Deck exclusively of Spirit sphere (and neutral ).

Prepared to "handle" with the Trolls of the first quest "We Must Away, Ere Break of Day"of the The Hobbit saga expansion.

My strategy it's very similar to those used to defeat the quest Conflict at the Carrock. Basically, you need to stay at the first step until have lot of allies.

Instead to stay at first step to prepared to kill the trolls fast, as in Conflict at the Carrock, at this quest the deck it's focused to waste the encounter deck very fast at second stage. It's important to keep your Threat level low as much as possible to avoid obligation to engage the Trolls so, use, as much as possible, Elrond's Counsel, The Galadhrim's Greeting, Gandalf. Ancient Mathom it's very useful to improve your event cards pool.

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