Leaders of Men

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Alonewolf87 109

Alonewolf87 has a newer deck inspired by this one: Leaders of Men

This is the Leadership deck for a 4 Mono-Sphere Decks Fellowship.

The main focuses of this deck are resource acceleration (for itself and the other players) and building up a Gondor ally swarm.

Aragorn is as always quite the versatile hero, especially combined with Theodred in an age old tried combination

Théodred main role is as always playing the resource generation game, passing it usually to Aragorn or Boromir (if it has Visionary Leadership attached) or even to other players depending on the needs of the moment.

Boromir is the main focus of the Gondor swarm across the table, providing boosts to attack and willpower. Quite often the target for the Heir of Mardil so he can receive the resource from Théodred and ready again while mantaining the resource to activate his ability and the Leadership.

Notable interactions with other decks:

Cram is useful all around and can be reused with help from the Erebor Hammersmith

The Day's Rising will end up on Beregond, providing another source of resources for Tactis.

Visionary Leadership will strengthen the all Gondor swarm (both heroes and allies) while Strenght of Arms can quite easily turn around a game (providing even second uses of some allies like the Warden of Healing).

Wealth of Gondor has multiple targets across the table.

Hold the Line can help a weak combat deck in a pinch or be used to get another reading for Beregond at the combat start.

Dawn Take You All can sometimes substitute for Shadows Give Way

Dunedain Remedy is a brilliant healing engine with Elrond on the tabel