Consider Yourselves UNDERMINED!!!

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SamthemanGamgee 224


the whole point of a mining deck is to discard cards from your deck to reap tbe benefits. and since this is still a dwarf deck, you are trying to swarm allies, which is why there are three copies of Erebor Battle Master. build up an army of dwarves to keep pushing through the quest and use your battle masters to kill anything that comes out of the deck. by getting the benefits from mining this becaomes easier with the help of Hidden Cache and Ered Luin Miner. Dáin Ironfoot provides the stat boost to all your dwarves making the. more competetive and able to blast a quest open. just be on the lookout for mass ally destruction.

mining combos

cards that mine:

-King Under the Mountain

-Zigil Miner

-Ered Nimrais Prospector

-Expert Treasure-hunter

-Erebor Guard


-Hidden Cache

-Ered Luin Miner

-Zigil Miner

-Will of the West

you might notice zigil miner is on both lists. that is because he mines and is his own benefit fir mining. he gives you resources for guessing the cost number correctly. thanks to gandalf you will know at least one card cost to guess

another thing is we can use expert treasure hunter, wizard pipe,and hidden cache to use the hidden cache discarded every turn. treasure hunter discards the card from your deck before it is added to your hand so if you wizard pipe it on top, you can do that every turn

opening hand

look for either Bilbo Baggins or Wizard Pipe. zigil miner is great but so are other mining cards, other than that its pretty open to what you think you need.



Jul 09, 2018 Stavo343 1

Digging for allies? This is no mine; it's a tomb.

Jul 10, 2018 doomguard 23

i would not play kili/fili. the chance to get them with their ability is not high. with 2 erebor archivar u are more flexible. they quest the same, and u can use them to ready a dwarf (when u have the belt), that is very good on dain or a master fighter. with gandalf u play them easily from the top of the deck as long as the belt does not be in play or is used. in addition, i would replace 1 gandalfs staff with an erebor archivar or durins song. what is about the erebor guards? they mine and are much better then the blue mountain trader. or use both an reduce the green

Jul 10, 2018 doomguard 23

sorry i overlooked the erebor guards in your list ;) but the blue mountain trader are the weakest allies i would consider to replace them with with 1 durins song and 2 smoke rings. or keep 1 and do 1 and 1 or 3, dwarf pipe (the dwarf pipes u can put to an dwarf allie not only on heroes)

Jul 10, 2018 SamthemanGamgee 224

@doomguard well I do play the fili kili combo mostly because they are more flexible than the erebor record keeper, imo. Keeper requires marvis belt to be in play, fili kili dont, and I can use them for attack if necessary or even defense. The reason I dont use three dwarf pipes are because through my testing I've never needed it. I could always just will of the west. Blue mountain trader is here for a couple of reasons, one he boosts the battle masters, he reduces your threat when you play him, and dain gives him two will, also he is cheap, yes he isnt super powerful but he serves a purpose for synergy. Through testing I've never worried about threat because of nori, so I never saw a reason to cut any other cards.

Jul 10, 2018 SamthemanGamgee 224

Also for gandalfs staff, it just helps set up early on and it can keep a character alive

Jul 10, 2018 doomguard 23

3 res of leadership or spirit sounds not very easy to get early in the game. an erebor archivar is 1 res from gandalf. what about the dwarven sellswords? 1 to get them i and after that u get at least 1 leadership-res and perhaps can mine on dain or use the staff. and never tried smoke rings?

Jul 10, 2018 doomguard 23

2 pipes are enough in your caes, if u do not use smoke rings. with smoke rings 3 could be better. (only ideas, but i like smoking my unusual deck i made here, bevore i changed lately to ) not as strong as yours with gandalf but our deck could be combined if i take a different spiritdwarf. 2 smoking decks could be very funny ^^

Jul 10, 2018 doomguard 23

the smoke rings bonus for willpower do count for all heroes with a pipe not only the ones u control:

Action: Reduce your threat by 1 for each Pipe you control. Each hero with a Pipe attachment gets +1Willpower Strength until the end of the phase.

worth a thought for multiplayer.

Jul 10, 2018 SamthemanGamgee 224

@doomguard I think in multiplayer there is a different way to go with this deck and go for a pipe build, as for the fili kili thing, typically early you want a zigil miner or something similar, but on turn two with a wizard pipe and gandalfs staff in play, you can play either. About the sellswords, I chose not to play them because I like more permanent allies to fuel the battle masters

Jul 10, 2018 SamthemanGamgee 224

I will try building a pipe fellowship and see what it looks like

Jul 10, 2018 doomguard 23

ur reasons are understandable. i would try a little bit different, but these are minimal adjustements. (the sellsword with dain, 3/3 is worth it, even he stays only 1-3 rounds and u can use him for blocking an attack if u know he must go).